Hi I'm Qiyun, and I’m a climate activist, storyteller and sustainability strategist. Based in Singapore.I draw comics, make content and design resources to education, encourage and empower.Ive worked with research institutions, NGOs, governments, civil society groups and corporations to advance climate education.My hope is to make climate education lovable, through colours and visuals.I am most known for my science communication work with The Weird and Wild on Instagram (@theweirdandwild)

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I started The Weird and Wild in 2018, with the aim to combine my technical expertise with visual graphics to make sustainability information accessible to the masses. The page currently has about 13,200 followers, with an international audience largely comprising of young adults.As part of The Weird and Wild, I've worked with a bunch of cool brands to do cool work communicating climate issues. I remain passionate about sustainability communications and am constantly finding new ways to do that. You'll see how as you scroll on!

Climate Commons is a multi-media platform that aims to combine design and tech with climate science to communicate climate issues in new ways.It's slowly shaping up, and if you'd like to be part of this please get in touch!

A bunch of environmental community leaders are building a podcast!We want to share the nuance, curiosities and wonder of sustainability and our natural world contextualized to Singapore and Southeast Asia.A digital archive and a learning space, we hope to make these issues interesting and accessible to the layperson as practitioners in the field.


Communication platforms are aplenty and I've experimented with many. Bold climate action needs to come with bold communications. Click through to check out some of the things I've been lucky to be a part of!

^ The Straits Times 'Through the Lens' webinar on science communication

⮤ WWF 60th Birthday IG Live with Earth Hour founder, Andy!


I sometimes take to local newspapers, magazines and media outlets to communicate environmental issues. Thanks for giving my work a read!

  • Nov 2021: ChannelNewsAsia commentary 'More people feel climate anxiety, and government inaction makes it worse' (read here)

  • Nov 2021: Youth statement on COP26 (read here)

  • Nov 2021: The Straits Times 'Science Talk: When climate change impacts human health' (read here)

  • Jun 2021: Her World Magazine 'Is sustainability a practice for the privileged?' (read here)

  • Sep 2020: Singapore Policy Journal 'Beyond Plastic Recycling: A look at Extended Producer Responsibility in Singapore' (read here)

  • Jun 2020: Kontinentalist 'Questions about climate change: What goes on in Singapore's Parliament?' (read here)

  • Nov 2019: TODAY Online 'Here's why we didn't spend a cent on shopping this Singles' Day (read here)


I've given talks on a range of issues - sustainability, science communications, environmental advocacy. See more below!

  • Jul 2022: WeGotThis bootcamp on Finding your Niche (FILL)

  • Jun 2022: MOE 9th ASEAN+3 Junior Science Odyssey (read here]

  • Jun 2022: IPUR talk (FILL)

  • May 2022: AFCC talk

  • May 2022: SHB talk

  • Mar 2022: Apple talk (FILL)

  • Jan 2022: The Straits Times Through the Lens Webinar talk on sustainability communications (read here)

  • Nov 2021: Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy talk on Southeast Asian youths in climate advocacy (read here)

  • Nov 2021: REACH-MCCY Judging Panel for Sus Ads Video Challenge 2021 (read here)

  • Nov 2021: Youthtopia YOUNITE Panel on Building Sustainable Communities (read here)

  • Oct 2021: Nanyang Polytechnic Lunch Time Talk on climate activism (read here)

  • Oct 2021: NUS Mental Health Fest talk on eco-anxiety (read here)

  • Oct 2021: Conscious Festival talk on hope in the climate crisis (read here)

  • Sep 2021: Co-hosted Concave Coalition side chats on climate and tech (read here)

  • Sep 2021: We Got This! opening keynote address (read here)

  • Aug 2021: ISEAS Yusof-Ishak Institute fireside chat on ASEAN Youth and Climate Action (read here)

  • Aug 2021: Circle of Youth workshop on social media advocacy (read here)

  • Jun 2021: International Conference on Ecofeminism webinar (read here)

  • Apr 2021: WWF International 60th Anniversary IG live with Earth Hour founder Andy Ridley (read here)

  • Mar 2021: Moderator for Journey Through a Green Purpose webinar series (read here)

  • Jan 2021: Speaker for SYCA Singapore Conference of Youth 2021 (read here)

  • Dec 2020: AWAREfest chat on youth advocacy (read here)

  • Nov 2020: Singapore Writers Festival panel on Eco-Anxiety (read here)

  • Mar 2020: Earth Hour 2020 Live Unplugged talk on climate communications (read here)

  • Jan 2020: The Wedge: Capitalism vs Climate talk (read here)

  • Oct 2019: Pre-COP25 Panel Discussion on Eco-anxiety (read here)


Look pals, I'm in the news! Check out some of the features that folks have lovingly included me in.

  • Jul 2022: Feature on Petit Pli's newsletter (FILL)

  • Jul 2022: Terra Thread (read here)

  • Jun 2022: Apical Media on Gen Z advocacy in sustainability (read here)

  • Apr 2022: Thred feature

  • Apr 2022: World Environment Day feature with SG Spark Squad (read here)

  • Mar 2022: Her Campus feature on International Women's Day (read here)

  • Jan 2022: The Homeground Asia quote feature on land reclamation issues (read here)

  • Jan 2022: FEMALE Singapore interview feature for the Jan 2022 Art & Design volume (read here)

  • Dec 2021: Eco-business Youth A-List Awardee (read here)

  • Dec 2021: The Ridge feature (read here)

  • Nov 2021: The Straits Times 'My Perfect Weekend with...' feature - (read here)

  • Aug 2021: ZERRIN's Earth Day feature (read here)

  • Jul 2021: Youthopia feature by National Youth Council (read here)

  • Jun 2021: AsiaOne climate youth feature (read here)

  • Dec 2020: TODAY Youth in Action feature (read here)

  • Jun 2020: Her World feature (read here)

  • Apr 2020: Aqui Design feature (read here)

  • Mar 2020: Kindness SG feature (read here)

  • Jan 2020: ZULA feature (read here)

  • Dec 2019: The Straits Times Causes Week feature (read here)

  • Jun 2018: HSBC NYAA Youth Environmental Awardee (read here)

podcast or video features

I've spoken about my work, and a variety of accompanying issues in other people's podcasts! Give them a listen here.

  • Straits Times 'Connecting the green dots' webinar - on sustainability communications (listen here)

  • STPI Gallery 'Hereafter' webinar - on land reclamation and civil society (listen here)

  • Social Service SG podcast - on climate activism in Singapore (listen here)

  • Institute of Policy Studies podcast - on social media activism (listen here)

  • SGP Noodles podcast - sustainability and food heritage (listen here)

  • CNA Climate Conversation podcast - on creative advocacy (listen here)

  • Cosmic Children podcast - creative climate advocacy (listen here)

  • CNA938 feature - on doodling for climate (listen here)

  • Social Service SG podcast - following elections as an environmentalist (listen here)

  • Straits Times Green Pulse podcast - rethinking consumption (listen here)

  • This is Scope's video on environmentalists react (watch here)


Besides talks, here are some other engagements that I've been a part of. Thank you for working with me!

  • Worked with Singapore Polytechnic as a mentor for design FYP projects on sustainability

  • Worked with Channel News Asia on a short video series on fish labelling (watch here)

  • Worked with Channel News Asia on a documentary titled 'Chasing Scarcity' (watch here)


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